Writers fate

I haven’t seen Anonymous yet but previously saw Shakespeare in Love

I’ve also watched the French Molière, Jane, Stranger than fiction, Shadowlands and above,

I’ve also seen The Help, Limitless, Midnight in Paris, The Answer Man and Secret Window.

What links these movies and why am I talking about them? Well, now

That I’m done with school, my dream to be a writer could get closer.

But all the movies about it reveled a problem that took it way further.

All these characters impersonating authors are either in love and/or unhappy.

And my current status in life doesn’t apply to either potentiality.

I never heard the story of a writer filled with no love but only happiness.

With these few words you can read my catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




2 responses to “Writers fate

  1. Paul de Fombelle

    A good mood post !

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