May I take your order?

If I never make it as a journalist or writer, I’ve got another dream.

I’d like to open a restaurant, a coffee place, a pub, or something in that theme.

A place where people would meet, talk and enjoy drinks and food.

A Central Perk of my own with maybe a Gunther in a better mood.

Norah Jones would be welcome to eat as many blueberry pies as she wants

Talking all night with a Jude Law bartender. If she wants she can even have croissants.

I’d be more of a Gilmore Girls Luke than a Gilmore Girls Lorelai

And certainly no Gilmore Girls Sookie as I cook as bad as I lie.

Maybe I’d add books to read while eating, I could be a good Librarian/waitress.

It’s been established that I need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




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