Male chauvinism, with pleasure!

There’s a job that is not exclusive to guys but that I’d only consider if I were one.

Just because, in people’s mind, there is no representation for a firewoman.

The Fireman is so much of this ideal hero, that Uma Thurman choose over her editor

In The Accidental Husband. There is no room left for women or anything more

Than this manly, strong cliches, wooing Phoebe, Rachel and Monica on Valentine’s day.

A boyfriend for Christmas reminds it, faking a volunteer fireman, to get a better chevalier.

In My Sister’s keeper movie, they made it interesting making him weak on his family matter,

But the same idea wouldn’t work so well if the mother was the one going up the ladder.

If movies fail to teach me how to be a firewoman, how could I consider this business?

I incontrovertibly need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




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