Bye, Bye, Birdie

There is a job I would never be good at, be it in USA or in France,

Taking care of animals or healing them, there is not a chance.

I didn’t even liked to watch Beethoven!

I’m not saying that, if I had a dog, I would put it in the oven,

It’s just that I couldn’t be a Horse Whisperer, I’d never be heard;

As well as I couldn’t train a pig to be a shepherd.

As much as I like Lions, next to William Holden, I’d do a really lousy Kessel adaptation.

And if they tried to do Wilfred TV series with me instead of Elijah Wood in the US version

They would see that it’d go better if I didn’t miss my attempt suicide and let the dog careless.

Come hell or high water, I need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




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