It’s the taking part that counts

A few days ago, I went to the theater and saw Moneyball.

It made me set kind of a pattern working for movies involving a ball.

Sports movies, I mean, when about sports and championships,

Are always, or almost, about an unexpected win coming from surprising relationships,

Starting with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra in take me out to the ball game.

Matt Damon golfing went back in Bagger Vance after he met Will Smith: that’s the same.

Paul Bettany won Wimbledon thanks to Kristen Dunst, loving him from the audience

And Heder vs Ferrell were off, in Blades of Glory, but put together were back in the dance.

So, I’d have a sports carreer if I’m crapy and meet the right person to get my awesomeness.

Good luck with that, I’m going to keep looking for a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.






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