The Neverending Story

I noticed in a number of TV shows that days are endless.

Gilmore Girls start with breakfast at home and at least an hour to find the right dress

and then another breakfast at Luke’s, a bit of shopping and then they go to work

After that, they find time to do so much stuff that they must have a secret clockwork.

So either they get up at 4 am and never go to bed before midnight

Or the production of the show just wants to tell in a day what would happen in a fortnight.

It’s the same in Friends, Men in Trees, Gossip Girl or Samantha Who?

And all these series and movies where it looks like they skip work with no further ado.

Or I’m all wrong and it’s just that ,over there, time’s slower and clocks are turning less.

I obviously need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




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