A Story within a story

A world I learned about in movies is Hollywood. The industry and Art of cinema is so huge

That it’s been a subject for itself and not just as a refuge.

From Tim Burton’s Ed Wood about this dressed-as-a-woman-intriguing director

to an insight of the stunt drivers life with Drive’s Ryan Gosling – New Hollywood’s fave actor.

We had a glimpse of Italian cinema with Fellini’s 81/2 then Rob Marshall’s 9

Gene Kelly got us Singin’ in the Rain if we looked for a way to define

the struggle mixed with excitement that was the birth of talking cinema.

And now, us French are bringing The Artist to compete on the same dilemma.

Even though, today, I’m not sure it’s worth dreaming to work in this business.

I precisely need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




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