Taxi Driver, a film by Martin Scorsese

In the USA there are subways, buses and all sorts of public transportation

But it looks like cabs are the proper way to move around, it’s almost an obligation.

The yellow cars are so omnipresent on the little and big screen

That anyone in the world, seeing those colored cabs, would know which country they’re in.

Carrie Bradshaw or Neal Caffrey with no cabs would have a problem,

Even to go to school, most Gossip Girls use them.

In Collateral, it’s the new office for a murderer.

So, I figured, I could always avoid unemployment being a cab driver

I would spend my days visiting New York and occasionally help people in distress.

I terribly need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




2 responses to “Taxi Driver, a film by Martin Scorsese

  1. Paul de Fombelle

    <p>Spanish taxis also<br> Are all in black and yellow!</p> <p></p><blockquote type="cite">Le 25 oct. 2011 12:10, &quot;Anne-Catherine&amp;apos;s posterous&quot; &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt; a écrit :

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