Shake things up

Changing careers appears to be much easier in America than in France.

It looks like you just have to do some unpaid internships or go free lance.

In P.S. I love you, Hilary Swank became a successful shoe designer after quitting real estate

Just because she knew how to draw and her dead husband showed her it was fate.

In Friends, Chandler change to advertiser after I don’t know what job in a big firm,

Phoebe, who’s a masseuse, is a caterer with Monica for a short term,

And Phoebe’s husband, Mike, go from lawyer to professional piano player.

I think it’s great and regret that it’s different here – sorry if I’m being a whiner –

where you have to do a three years formation just to go from waitress to hostess.

I surely need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




2 responses to “Shake things up

  1. Louis-Marie de Fombelle

    Yes it is easier to be HiredBecause it is easier to get fired

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