Unemployment & Sensibility

I recently watched Pride & Prejudice (again) and it made me think about all these stories

Where the women are not working and seem to have no worries.

Except of course the trouble of love, that I think you still have, even with a good job.

People always care for love, even if they are the head of the Italian mob.

What if today I tried to see what’s it like to live not working.

Every miss Bennet looks fine with it, so maybe I lived to late or that’s what I should be trying.

From Little women to the Importance of being Earnest,

Even in Jane, Emma, or Sense & Sensibility, witch is, necessarily, the best,

They are never bored, reading, sewing, looking for tenderness.

I concretely need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.





3 responses to “Unemployment & Sensibility

  1. Paul de Fombelle

    <div><p class="MsoNormal"><span class="apple-style-span"><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-family:Arial;color:black;mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">Aren't you betraying Wilde pun, revealing Ernest's earnestness?</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-family:Arial;color:black; mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">I guess our Irish friend was quite self-satisfied of his double-entendre. Watch out… he is probably digging up himself from the grave to chastise you for your dig at him.</span><span lang="EN-GB"></span></p></div>

  2. Anne-Catherine de Fombelle

    Actually I think mister Wilde made it pretty clear, but you’re right I shall do him a favor and bring the mystery back.

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