Coffee or nothing

The working universe is surrounded by lots of things or facts.

One of them is Coffee, more than a drink, it’s part of the job’s artefacts.

It’s true in France and I guess it’s the same in almost all countries

But in America, as showed in TV and movies,

It has not only a status, a place or a ritual,

It is so intense it gets spiritual.

I’ll pass on Gilmore Girls where it’s really addictive

But just take a look at Gibbs on NCIS, it’s very illustrative.

I’m relieved I like hot drinks in paper cups, plastic lids, and bitterness!

I decidedly need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.



2 responses to “Coffee or nothing

  1. Vais me faire café allongée pour me motiver à travailler !

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